Email Marketing

Email MarketingE-mail Marketing

Reach your audience with effective, affordable, and custom e-newsletters, special offers, and email marketing campaigns.

  • Easy Email Creation
    We put you in the driver’s seat of managing your own email campaigns.  Interactive Business Solutions will create one or more customer e-designs that your organization can then create and launch with ease.  You are in full control.
  • Build your Audience
    Add existing subscribers, add a sign-up form to your website to capture new leads and segment your audience with our tool.  Advanced features let users confirm subscription & unsubscribe per the CanSPAM act.
  • Campaign Reporting
    Other than affordability, this is the part that really gets organizations excited.  Robust reporting features let you view how many emails were delivered and what links were clicked and more.

Request for Proposal – E-mail Marketing

One time creation of custom email template layout
Branded to match your site’s look and feel, you can use this template over and over again for free.

D.I.Y. – Do it yourself Solution
One time setup fee and you take full control of your campaign.

Managed Solution
Each Campaign Sent – includes campaign tracking reports.

Fee per month:

  • 0-500 Subscribers
  • 501-2,500
  • 2,501-5,000
  • 5,000+

No SpamEmail Delivery
Our tool and service utilizes the technology and best practices to ensure your campaigns get delivered.  Through the use of “white listed” servers and constant monitoring, we stay clear of spam issues and maintain a strong reputation as a sender.  As filters on the Internet continue to get tighter, we will continue to assess and improve our delivery service.

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